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Price List

Price List

Consultation include: test patch, brow shaping (drawn on), eyebrow/wax shape and tint.


Brow Shaping before your appointment is important. Gives it a nicer finish but must be done at least two days before your appointment to allow the pores to close.



Feather Touch/Microblading Eyebrows:



Ombre Eyebrows:



Adjustment Appointment (5-8 weeks):   $150


Additional adjustment appointment (5-8 weeks after adjustment appointment):  $150

Touch Up - within 6 months:       $250

Touch Up - within 12 months:      $350

Touch Up - within 18 months:      $450

Touch Up - 18-24 months:          $450

Touch Up - 24+ months:             Current price of a new tattoo


- The price list above is subject to change anytime.


Touch up rates if you had your brows tattooed elsewhere, the full price applies as it is usually harder to work over another technician’s work. I also may not agree to do them so please email or text me pictures before committing to an appointment.



75% deposits on all your appointments

A non-refundable deposit is required in order to book every new appointment.

This deposit is to ensure that you are serious about booking your appointment and will be deducted from the total cost of the procedure. Should you choose to cancel a full 48 hour cancellation has to be given and you will be refunded the full amount will be returned to you. new deposit will be required if you wish to reschedule.



Terms & Conditions

No guarantees can be made.


Additional sessions may be necessary to achieve desired results and will be charged accordingly. Results vary and due to the natural appearance of Microblading, it will usually not replace the need for makeup on the brow area subject to your aesthetic desires.


Many factors affect your individual results, such as the healing process, the aftercare you perform, how your body heals and how well your skin retains pigment. Your technician has no control over these factors.



Adjustment Appointments

Adjustment appointments may be rescheduled, but if the new date selected falls outside of the 6-10 week touch up range it will be charged as an additional touch up appointment ($75+) or a 6 month refresh at $150


These compounding chemists need notice to make these creams, please call ahead at least a day or two in advance.


- Pharmasave Woden Compounding Pharmacy*** we highly recommend this pharmacy as they mix a very good strength numbing cream.

- Ainslie Chemmart Compounding Pharmacy

- Ginninderra Pharmacy Chemist Canberra


Or order your numbing cream online!

If you have time for 3-5 day delivery and would prefer to order numbing cream online, you can at www.custommedicine.com.au - you will need to sign up for a free account, and although ordering the cream can be a bit pricey, it is delivered to your door and there is more than enough to use for your adjustment session/s and also for regular tattoos, laser hair removal, etc. We recommend ordering a tub of the PLT Gel from there.


Before your appointment


*IMPORTANT* Numbing Cream

Due to the Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Good Act 2008 I am unable to provide numbing cream. Any pharmacy can provide you with numbing cream, however Compounding Pharmacy's are able to mix higher strength numbing creams.

Please visit a pharmacy before your appointment to purchase numbing cream if you require it.

Ask for numbing cream that will work to numb the skin before the procedure and also for use once the skin is broken.

Follow the pharmacists advice on how to use the cream and apply it before your appointment. If the cream can be used once the skin is broken as well, bring it to your appointment and we will apply it during the procedure so it can continue to numb your brows in between 'passes'. It is usually the case that numbing cream works much better on broken skin.

You can remove the cream just before you come to your appointment, or you can have it on when you get here and we can remove it for you.


PHONE (02) 6262 2366


(02) 6262 2366



Shop 4, Watson Shops, Watson ACT 2602


M 2PM – 8PM

T 10AM – 5:30PM

W 10AM – 5:30PM

T 10AM – 5:30PM

F  10AM – 5:30PM